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I love to teach others about what I'm learning and I think we can have a lot of fun growing together in our skills as music makers. Why don't we stay in touch and learn together? 

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Here's what some of my students are saying about my courses:

"This course is amazing. I've tried to learn Massive through tons of Youtube videos and other sources previously. This course taught me so much more in the first couple of sections than all of my previous efforts combined. Dylan takes time and goes through every single slider, knob, and setting and describes it's function and usefullness. I'm about half-way through the lectures, and I can't wait to get to Section 8 where the knowledge is applied."

- J. DiPalmo

"Dylan's experience on the topic and his ability to analyze and simplify complex materials, compounded with solid presentation skills, rich articulation and enthusiasm throughout this lecture series, resulted in a 5-star winner product."

- A. Stergiopoulos

"Great intro to sound design using massive.. Dylan does a great job explaining the concepts without drowning you in a sea of technical information."

- F. Carvalho

"I am new with sound production and this course inspired me to keep learning. Mr Bowes knows his stuff and he teaches based on his own experience instead of just following the course outline. Thanks man."

- Akmal

I like to throw free tutorial videos up on Youtube all the time. Here are a few samples from my brand new Sylenth Tutorial Course

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